Best Computer Science Personal Statement Examples

Why Might You Need Our Computer Science Personal Statement Examples to Help Your Application?

ps tipsTrying to get onto a computer sciences program in your preferred college can be a difficult process, especially if it is one of the leading ones which everyone else will also be aiming for. With only a limited amount of spaces to offer, review boards will be thorough in checking each application in order to find the best applicants, relying on the information contained within the personal statement to make their final choices.

By using one of the many computer science personal statement examples a service like ours can supply you with; you can increase your chances of being selected. Our statement of purpose computer science writing services can show you how to structure the writing and in your own words highlight your accomplishments, list any goals and explain why you want to join this particular course in a way that will set you aside from other applicants.

The only document in your whole college application which will separate you from someone with similar grades will be your personal statement for computer science.

An review board will read through a huge amount of applications when they are making their decisions on who they will choose for interview, so you need to ensure that yours is capable of showing them exactly what they need to see and remains fresh in their minds. It should be specifically tailored to the institution so that you can be sure they can see your interest, having taken the trouble to research the faculty and campus.

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How Our Best Personal Statement Computer Science Examples Can Help You

cs application letter sampleThere are many sources of computing personal statement examples that are easily available for you to download and gain an insight from when completing your own. They can often contain good ideas for the type and depth of information to include, especially for the more unusual university requirements. While personal statement examples computer science are freely available to download, always be careful not to copy direct from them. Your personal statement is exactly as the title suggests and should be about you in your own words. To help you further, our team of experts has produced the following computer science personal statement sample which contains helpful information that we hope will get you on your way:

  • Show how you plan to improve yourself
  • Computer sciences need students to be concise and factual, so avoid unnecessary statements like ‘Since I was little, I’ve been interested in computers’. This is obvious and you would be expected to be interested. Instead, provide information on your engagement so far in the subject. That could be anything from specific programming languages you’ve learnt, software you’ve used or projects that you’ve worked on.
  • If you have had any practical experience in computer science, even if it is very little, such as writing small programs or configuring a computer network, this should be highlighted. It’s not essential but can certainly help.
  • While your personal statement is an opportunity to demonstrate your interest in the subject, highlight any other skills that demonstrate your capacity to study at university, like team working or independent learning.
  • If you have not studied computing before, evidence of your personal investigations into the subject could be valuable. Statements like ‘keeping up to date with technology’ will say very little, but if you have experience of programming, have investigated a programming language or built something using a Raspberry Pi, then that is very relevant.
  • Visiting a university’s computing department, attending science fairs or being a member of a computing club would also show a personal interest in the subject.
  • A good personal statement for Computer Science should demonstrate a general interest in science and mathematics and again needs to be evidenced. What science projects are you proud of and why? Any specific books you’ve enjoyed and why? And what if anything was learnt from them?
  • Completing a programming project would be a great standout. Include if you created a video game or application, set up a home network, created a website (include link), built a computer or constructed a gadget. Above all, emphasize how computing fascinates you and how passionate you are.

Computer science teaching staff @ the University of St Andrews can’t stress enough:

“Your statement must be personal. It should reflect your own interests and experiences, and not those of your parents, teacher, careers advisor or a random participant in a university discussion forum. Your statement must be proof-read! This may sound obvious, but we do receive a small number of applications that read as if they were composed the night before the UCAS deadline. Such applicants are highly unlikely to receive an offer, so ensure that your application is carefully composed and checked”.

Benefit from Using the Best Personal Statement Computer Science Examples

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