Writing a Computer Science Personal Statement Oxford-Style

You have studied for years to arrive at this point. A chance to study computer science at arguably the most storied University in the Western World. There is really only one thing standing in your way and this chance of a lifetime. What about your computer science personal statement? Oxford demands the best of its students, so yours had better be amazing. Education in UK schools differs greatly from their US and other counterparts. It is a tough school to gain admission, but an Oxford Degree opens doors that remain tightly shut from with degrees from other schools.

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Now, you are on the right track, computing systems are the in-demand field of the 21st Century. If you look at just the jobs directly related to a computer science degree (Software analyst, computer engineer, computer systems engineer, network systems engineer, etc.) you will see even the most crowded of computer-related professions are expecting a 3% growth in the next decade. Others are seeing a 25% or more growth rate. With a median income level in the $60,000 a year and higher range, this is the field of the future. After all, there are very few industries, if any, that do not currently rely on computers in some vital way. And that is only going to grow.

Oxford Computer Science Courses

Depending on the type of graduate degree you are after at Oxford, there are 6 full time and 2 part-time courses you can choose from:

  1. MSc in Computer Science. This course prepares you for a career in Computer Science. Designed to teach a range of advanced topics and a carefully selected core of foundational subjects to graduates, about 400 applicants vie for 50 seats;
  2. MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science. This degree focuses on the interface between pure mathematics and theoretical computer science. Roughly 103 students apply to be considered for the 17 spots available.
  3. Oxford 1+1 Programme. For someone that wants to couple an MBA with a Masters in Computer Science, this is your program. It should be one considered by those wanting to potentially start a computer-based business down the road;
  4. DPhil in Computer Science. If you seek to make significant contributions to the field of computer science this is your degree. 177 students compete each year for 26 slots.
  5. Cyber Security for Doctoral Training. Cybersecurity will be a growing field in the future. From securing vital government infrastructure to protecting private industry, this is the James Bond of the 21st century.
  6. AIMS Centre for Doctoral Training. Robots are not only here to stay, they are the future of manufacturing, transportation and a host of other fields. Those wishing to advance a career in robotic technology should consider this program.
  7. MSc in Software Engineering. A part-time studies course, it was established in 1993, the Programme exists to make strong connections between theory and practice in software engineering, between leading researchers and practitioners. Continue your current job while adding to your knowledge.
  8. MSc in Software and Systems Security. Work in a cybersecurity field? Feel that you need to advance your knowledge to stay on top of the most recent changes. This is the program for you.

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Computer Science Oxford Application Process

You do not just show up in Oxford and start your University of Oxford computer science masters or start on your Oxford computer science PhD program. Be prepared for a competitive drawn out process, but knowing the Oxford Computer Science entry requirements can help you to begin your degree path.

It is important that you take care in each step of the application process. Competition for places at Oxford is very strong. Over 19,000 applications are submitted for about 3,250 places each year. This means that even achieving our academic entrance requirements does not guarantee Oxford University computer science graduate admission. If you are familiar with the application process for UK schools, this will be old hat. However, if you are new to the process, it will be an experience. The admissions process can be difficult, but it is not impossible with the right attention to detail and help:

  • Choose a course. Decide which one of the six full time or two part-time graduate courses in computer science you want to concentrate on.
  • Pick a college. You then need to decide which college that you will be part of for your degree. Not all colleges have a spot for a computer science grad, so it is important to pick the right one.
  • Registration and testing. Register to take the MAT test and fill out the UCAS. The UCAS must be submitted by the deadline indicated for each course. Remember these are hard deadlines and late applications are not accepted. In the UCAS you will include your computer science personal statement Cambridge or Oxford.
  • Interviewing. All applicants undergo an interview by University personnel. It will be in the form of a problem or a question that must be answered one on one.
  • Invitation. Should your personal statement, your application, your assessments, and interview go well, then they will invite you to study at one of the oldest schools on Earth.,

Oxford Computer Science Personal Statement

To put the computer science Oxford personal statement into as simple of terms as possible, you are trying to convince Oxford that they should invest their resources, time and effort to you. How will you take their investment in your education and change or improve the field of computer science and the world?

In a nutshell, the personal statement should include the following:

  • Be personal. Tell Oxford things that will set your application apart from others
  • Be concrete. It is easier for you to show your enthusiasm by giving them brief details of things you have actually done, and why you found them interesting.
  • Be specific. Pick out highlights of your experience in Maths, Science or Computing to give depth to the general picture.

How Computer Science Personal Statement Oxford Writing Service Can Help

Writing the computer science personal statement Oxford wants correctly can convince Oxford to admit you to their school. You entire academic future will come down to what amounts to little more than a personal prospectus. That is where we come in. An Oxford computer science personal statement can be tricky. Many apply for a few spots. We help you craft that personal statement that, though it might not be Shakespeare, will stand out from the crowd. Our team of experts will help you craft that statement. Your future deserves nothing but the best.

You only get one shot at this, do not let an opportunity like this go and order a computer science personal statement Oxford to be impressed with!