How to Create a Computer Science Personal Statement Cambridge Will Notice

Cambridge has a storied history of cutting-edge science and thought. From Sir Isaac Newton in the late 1600s to Stephen Hawking in modern times, Cambridge has been the home to new thought and innovation. It is no wonder that Cambridge University computer science courses are considered some of the best on the planet. However, to get there you need a personal statement for computer science cannot help but notice. And that will be very important since not only are there tough Cambridge computer science entry requirements, there are on average 5 applicants for every seat. The competition is fierce and only those that stand out make the cut.

Cambridge University Computer Science Courses

It is important before you start down the path to such things as a Cambridge PhD computer science degree, it is important to have an idea of what course you want to study.

They offer:

  • Advanced Computer Science. Students select five taught modules from a wide range of advanced topics in computer science from networking and systems measurements to denotational semantics, and from natural language processing to current applications and research in computer security.
  • Computer Science. The PhD is the primary research degree; a three-year program of individual research on a topic agreed by the student and the University, under the guidance of a staff member as the student’s supervisor.
  • Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence. This is a 12-month course, taught with a joint emphasis on both machine learning and machine intelligence.

Computer Science Cambridge Admissions Standards

When you first bring your idea to us, it will be in the roughest of forms. Whether it is multiple pages that we have to build a final draft from or, one draft that we must restate and reword, the first document we see will undergo many rewrites before being returned to you.

That is one of the many steps and services that we offer as part of our experience:

  • Course. The first logical step is to decide which course that you want to study. Below there is a section overviewing the computer sciences courses with links.
  • College. Now, you need to pick your college of choice for your studies. There are 29 colleges and one will be your residence throughout your time at Cambridge.
  • Apply. Now comes the UCAS for Cambridge. Here you will upload all documents required as well as your computer science Cambridge personal statement.
  • Written assessment. As with every other university, there are entrance exams. Cambridge is no different. If you want a student a degree with a mathematical emphasis or an engineering emphasis, they want to be sure that you have the aptitude.
  • Interview. Just like any other University or job, there will be a face to face interview process. For students not in the UK, the interview can be done by video chat. Here you will be asked about what you said in your personal statement, so be prepared.
  • Decision. After the interview and process are over, there is only one step left to the application process. Usually, you will be informed of Cambridge’s decision on inviting you to study at their school by the end of January.

Or take a look how to write your computer science personal statement Oxford-style!

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Personal Statement for Computer Science Tips

Cambridge computer science postgraduate is not just something that you write in an afternoon. This is not like your secondary school years and a paper titled: “What I did for summer holiday.” Your Cambridge computer science personal statement needs to state certain objectives and plans. For that, there are certain goals that you want to include in your personal statement.

For instance:

  1. You want them to have a certain idea of who you are and what you have accomplished. They want to hear what things you have done in the computer science field thus far.
  2. If you have designed and built a successful app, then that is something they want to hear. They do not want to hear that you have a “passion for computers.” They already assume that. If you did not have a passion for information technology or computers you would not be applying for a graduate degree in the field.
  3. They want a rundown of your life, in and out of academia. But they expect honesty. If you say that at an early age that you were captivated with stack overflows and matrixes, then they will not give you serious thought. Tell them you played video games until 2 AM and felt you could design better games. That will probably grab their attention better.
  4. They want well-read students, they want someone that is interested in broadening their horizons. IF you read Plato or Sagan, mention it. But expect to be asked about it in the interview process. But let us be real for a second, do not mention having read a “Brief History of Time.” by Stephen Hawking. At best it sounds to be kissing up.
  5. Trying to establish a connection to possibly the most well-known mind at Cambridge since Newton will not earn a point. Now, if you follow it up with having serious questions about its validity, that might grab some attention. However, they will probably ask you why you are not applying to the astrophysics programs.

Above all, your personal statement for computer science needs to be in your own words. Any hint of plagiarism and your chances of being invited will be gone.

How Computer Science Personal Statement Service Can Help

We understand the pitfalls of writing a computer science personal statement Cambridge likes to see. Our knowledgeable staff has written several that have made the difference between a good application and a great one. The fact of the matter is that using a professional service to help you hone your message will help you stand out in the crowd. We through experience, know what kind of computer science personal statement Cambridge is looking for in a personal statement. We can help you avoid the traps.

We understand that this is your one real shot at standing out from the crowd. There is a unique balancing act that each program and each university look for in their students. With our help, we can navigate you to the end result you desire.

Don’t wait for your inspiration! Use a team of experts to write your computer science personal statement Cambridge-style!