Do’s and Dont’s of Information Technology Personal Statement

information technology personal statement
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Why Might You Need Our Help with Your Information Technology Personal Statement?

Having a strong information technology personal statement is an integral part of any university application and is considered the most important document of the whole application package because you get to write about yourself, in your own words. Your personal statement for computer science is the one chance you have to show an admissions committee the kind of person you are, to put yourself forward in a way that makes you stand out from all the other applicants, express how you will thrive and make a better contribution to their institution.

If it is written well enough, it is almost certain to be the deciding factor to gaining the preferred placement that you desire, especially for one of the more prestigious colleges where applications are always high.  To be effective however, your computing personal statement must be written in a way that is attention grabbing as well as capable of telling the reader exactly what they want to hear about you. This can be a very time consuming and difficult task that many people are just unable to get done by themselves which is why so many search out professional personal statement for information technology help from services such as ours. Reporters @ U.S. News say that:

“Many students aim for admission to a prestigious college or university, but the supply of open seats often does not meet the demand from applicants. Earning admission to a prestigious school can be especially difficult. With the lowest acceptance rates among all undergraduate institutions surveyed by U.S. News based on the fall of 2015 entering class. Some were as low as 5%”

What to Avoid When Writing Your Business Information Technology Personal Statement

The main responsibility of trying to explain why you are so passionate about a particular school or program is yours to try and emphasize and make an applications committee see what you feel is a positive factor about this school which stands out to you from among any others? What do they have that has piqued your interest and that others don’t? By making connections between your goals and the school or program, the admission committee will be able to visualize you as an active member of their student body. Armed with this knowledge, we can concentrate on other aspects:

  • Perhaps the most critical information which most applicants fail to include is why you want to attend this particular institution? Because they believe their reasons are obvious or that simply because they have applied should be reason enough. However, admissions committees while extensively educated cannot read minds… (Yet)! Your reasons are most likely the same as many other hopeful candidates but making a statement is important to express your passion for and interest in the college.
  • Do not be hazy about what makes you an outstanding candidate. Clearly explain to the admissions committee why they should pick you. Not only what you can contribute but also your willingness to take full advantage of everything they have to offer.
  • Great computer security personal statements take a lot of effort and time to write properly. So if you think you can produce one close to a deadline then you would be wrong. Don’t make the mistake of rushing your information technology personal statement because you might have wasted both your own time in making the application as well as that of recommenders you have approached.
  • You may have quite a few accomplishments under your belt already and it can be tempting to include everything so that something will catch the admissions committee attention. However, don’t simply regurgitate stuff that’s already in the resume, your personal statement computer engineering should focus on you as a person and trying to pack too much into it will likely make it seem phony.
  • Do not just list a string of qualifications with a few words suggesting the difficulties you faced achieving them. Focus on accomplishments that have had the greatest impact on your life and career so far and include those turning points which challenged you the most and helped you to grow.
  • Try not to focus on any past mistake that were made. What an admissions committee really wants to know is that those mistakes are behind you.
  • Don’t just submit a general personal statement and hope for the best. General statements don’t really achieve anything in the admissions process because they don’t provide any meaningful information to help an applications committee make their decision.

Words That Should Be Avoided When Writing Your Personal Statement for Information Technology

The English language is perhaps one of the most versatile and yet complex languages which has many slang words, swear words and colloquial abbreviations that are used in everyday life. However, academic writing guidelines state that there is no place for such wording in a personal statement, or any document used for college application. You should stick to using full English throughout your information technology personal statement and make it look as professional as possible. A study conducted at the University of Hertfordshire came up with the top 10 words to avoid using in your personal statement which were:

  • Always
  • Awful
  • Bad
  • Fault
  • Hate
  • Mistake
  • Never
  • Nothing
  • Panic
  • Problems

Faculty at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington stresses that:

“A good essay conveys important information clearly, but is still concise. Expect that writing your personal statement will take time: start thinking about your essay and writing drafts well before the application deadline.  Plan to have your essay reviewed by a mentor/teacher, parent or friend”.

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